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Client Side

  • PC with browser

  • USB Signature pad (Optional)

  • Windows 7 or newer

  • Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome browser

  • SignatureDriver software (Optional)

USB Signature Pads that Work without Additional Software

You can use these signature pads, or a mouse or stylus on a touchscreen, anytime that a handwritten signature is requested without installing any additional software.

Supported signature pad devices:

For every other signature pad, you will need our SignatureDriver software. See the next section.

USB Signature Pads that Require SignatureDriver Software

SignatureDriver is a standalone application that communicates with a USB connected signature pad using native libraries and with the Send4Sign frontend application in a browser using websocket technology. Everything the driver requires is packed in the installation file, therefore there are no software prerequisities. Send4Sign supports Windows 7 and newer operating systems.

Supported signature pad devices: